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As religion speaks, on Monday 25th 2011 is this year's annual celebration of Easter in commemoration of Jesus Christ's resurrection on Easter Sunday. On this holy day, Pope Benedict XVI delivered an Easter prayer for diplomacy to prevail over warfare in Libya and for citizens of the Middle East to build a new society based on humanity.

He addresses to the overflow of a crowd of 100,000 of St Peter's Square "In the current conflict in Libya, may diplomacy and dialogue replace arms, and may those who suffer as a result of the conflict be given access to humanitarian aid."

With reference to the conflicts occuring in the Middle East and Libya, as well as encouraging Europeans to welcome refugees from North Africa, Pope Benedict XVI prayed that all citizens, especially young people, would work together to promote world peace, defeat of poverty and human rights where all political opinions are respected.

In other news, US Senator John McCain has summoned for an increase in military aid for Libya's rebels. This includes the supply of weapons, training and stepped-up airstrikes, in demand for a full on support in fight to oust Muammar Gaddafi.

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