Beach Paradise or Hell-Hole, in Haiti?


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Whats it like as a young person to live in a village that has no electricity, no school, no job, and frequent crime. Well, its hard to ask anyone on this platform as these young people certainly won't be able to respond, but what do you think the answer would be? The Economist recently ran an article which spoke of just this, a small town in Haiti named Dieu Moun, which in english means Goodbye World.

The young people within this community are not getting the education they deserve (5 hour walks per day, round-trip), their mother's get molested and sometimes raped on their walks to nearby village (3 to 4 hours in some cases), and the economy in this region is limited/non existant. Many often give up, emotionally exhausted, and head to Haiti's capital, where the life in some respects is even tougher.

As so many NGOs are still controlling camps in and near Port-Au-Prince, you have to wonder what their strategies are for the long term and if the government has their own ideas of what needs to next, not only for the capital but also for towns such as Dieu-Moun (in terms of educations and hospitals). What kinds of plans can or should the government implement to protect the rural way of life that so many Haitians have spent generations enduring. Is it time for them to pack their bags and head to cities, where in an ideal world, development would soon begin to rebuild valuable infrastructures that could lead to a stronger (or any kind of) economy? These individuals need direction, and there doesn't seem like anyone available to give it.

How will Haitians mobilize and will the future leaders of the country be ready to push for initiatives in these rural areas where all the citizens have are beautiful beaches and no source of a continued life.

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