Building a viral Economy

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The president should neglect all forces, godfatherisms, opinion groups, the powers and principality that is ruling Nigeria and use the excess crude oil proceeds to provide an unbeatable electricity connections for this country, use the same proceeds popularly called windfall to repair and build more refineries for this country.

Nigeria needs only these two things, if these is done the social protest in form of armed robbery, official robbery, bribery and corruption would stop, reduction on unemployment and in-fluxing of foreign investors will commence.

There is no gain-saying that "the labours of our heroes past" - Nigeria, has been bedeviled by wanton bribery, corruption, civil unrest, tribal wars, poverty, power outage, unemployment, poor health care services among others.

The way forward lies in our collective efforts and determination as a nation, to be proactive rather than reactive in our fight against socio-political, cultural, institutional and economic decadence. Whether as a leader or follower, we need to do all we can in honesty, in whatever capacity and in all circumstances to build our beloved Nigeria.

You and I are the change agents Nigeria needs to excel. YES, WE CAN! YES, WE WILL!! YES, WE MUST!!!

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