Can Tahrir square move India

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It all began there and ended there-- Tahrir square. A lady sent a message to millions of Egyptians to leave their work and protest against the autocracy. And it worked! Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians were dissatisfied and even angered by their government. Around 40% of Egyptians were struggling to put food on their plates and a roof above their heads. When the call came, they decided to take action.

Is the scenario very different in India (where more number of Indians are poorer than those in Egypt)? The prices of essential commodities have sky-rocketed, we see the tax-payer’s money being squandered by one scam after another. Even though we call ourselves the largest democracy, we only vote at the lowest stages of the election process (unlike in the US where people elect the president). I think we have good reason to be unhappy with our own government. But would it ever work- the Egyptian way? If a call came tomorrow for all Indians to quit work and jointly shout slogans outside the parliament?

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