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Can you hear us? Our cries, our screams for help! If we cried will you be able to dry our tears away? We go through pain, worry and sadness that no one will put an end to this hunger and poverty. We strive to find means of survival everyday. We walk through valleys of darkness in hope that one day we will find prosperity. We grieve in silence but manage to look forward to a new day. Who are we, we ask ourselves. What did we do to deserve this?

In eastern africa, countries are going through a dark time. Food shortages due to drought but in a certain country it is due to war, conflict and political reasons. Somalian Children are dying everyday from starvation. Men and women are striving hard everyday. Walking long distances in hope to find aid.

© UNICEF/NYHQ2011-1114/Kate Holt Kenya, 2011 On 15 July, women wait with their children for nutrition screenings, at a UNICEF-assisted health post near the town of Lodwar, capital of Turkana District, in Rift Valley Province. In this predominantly pastoralist region, many families are selling their livestock to buy increasingly expensive food.

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