Capacity Building on Environmental Education

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The education in all senses is an essential element for the humanity and all sectors of the daily life. Since we were children, we are accustomed to learn everything. How to speak? How to write? How to read?

And as we grow up we continue to be interested in education. We enroll in universities or institutes and follow our formation ... Still after that, we are studying and learning. Someone once told me that life is a learning and it is true, you learn not only the common things but also some moments in life that make you think.

As the respective knowledge of all the above, during my university career in environmental studies, I realized the importance of promoting environmental education in societies and in all formative levels. To speak a bit more about environmental education I have to begin asserting and maintaining that despite the current global situation we are facing in all sectors (economic, environmental, political, cultural, etc), unfortunately many people still ignorant as to what happens in the world.

In the environmental case, which concerns us now, many are the effects of climatic changes (for example). Many devastating disasters like earthquakes, unexpected cyclones, devastating floods, rigorous droughts,etc. have changed many people's opinion ... however, must we come to the consequences of these disasters to understand what is happening in our world? If positive response, I think is a very irresponsible attitude!

However, the environmental education is a main step to take for social and ecological awareness. Without this, it is very difficult to make a difference in our world. Is almost impossible! For the same reason, I wanted to create a connection between education and natural resources and for this, and so I started coming to the youngest: the children! They are the future of our planet Earth. I went to the schools and some institutes to give talks and speeches on environmental issues. And the response, was AMAZING! The educative center was interested in these themes and included them in its educational programs.

Finally, I want to share with all the importance of the education in all environmental themes. Imagine that we can all educate societies, giving ourselves the first example and the necessary information to enable people to "engage with their environment".

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