Catastrophe in Japan


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Over the weekend, Japan faced catastrophic events. They had a massive earthquake at 8.9 magnitude on the scale with numerous aftershocks and huge tsunamis followed. The whole country shook, literally. Japan is now 8 feet closer to the East.

It was very shocking to see the disaster happening live on TV as the residents of Japan took videos and uploaded them on YouTube. Social media was the most useful tool for Japan to use to ask for help. People around the world were able to get instant SOS from them through Twitter or through social networking sites like Facebook. Even news channels depended on them to get the latest stories from the victims. A lot of people criticized that social media is a negative effect on our society. Look at how much it has done for Japan. In a matter of days international reliefs and other countries have reached out to help right away. Social media is a very useful tool when it comes to situations such as these.

At this very moment, Japan is still shaken by the incidents that had happened. Due to the terrible circumstances, some nuclear plants have leaked. However the Japan government assured people that it is at low figures at the moment. They are trying their best to cool down the plant to prevent for worse scenarios.


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