Child Abuse in El Salvador


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Child Abuse

When i read these words the first thing that springs to mind is : not fair. Because it is simply not fair. All kinds of abuse are wrong, no one should suffer from any kind of mental, physical or psychological damage that this issue might cause, but it is a fact that abuse, specially child abuse is an issue in our world.

I am from El Salvador, and in my country, you can hear about this in an every day conversation, you can hear a mother say to other: "my son wouldn't do what i say and i had to hit him " or "My kid talked me back so i slapped her mouth", and it is considered as a normal behavior and a way to correct children. But is wrong. It is psychologically proved that a child who suffered from any kind of abuse, would become shy, antisocial, and sometimes even a threat to himself or herself.

Depending on the damage that this may cause, the children also may become violent to others and repeat the same behavior that he was treated with. In my opinion, this is an important factor to have in mind when we wonder why our country is so violent and full of criminals. We must educate our children the right way, in order to not punish the adults and learn that respect is not something to take for granted just because you're a mother. If you hit your children or yell at them, they're gonna do the same with their children.

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