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To tell the truth it made me realy happy to read the article about child rights, because it was necessary that children get this rights, too.

Still I can remember adults always told me that the voice of children is valueless and you can’t change the world, still you’re young.

Although sometimes the small things could be really significant, especially if it’s a topic that could change the life of a child, for example in a divorce where the child should have the decision, whether it wants to remain with the father or with the mother.

But not only the opinions of children are important. Rights to egality, privacy, education, health, freedom, honour and protection are important, too. No child wants to be debased and every child should have the same rights, whether they are black, white, poor or rich.

Eminently important for me is the right that no one is permittet to hurt a child, because children are the weakest humans and need protection. From their parents as well as from the whole human race.

No day will ever pasts where theres no war or no catastrophe on earth. Many children are under the victims, too. Sometimes children are taken away from their parents to be soldiers and to live all this violence. To see it trough their innocent eyes. It’s essential that children have a right of freedom! Of a normal life.

Think of it! Our children are our and the the whole worlds future. Shouldn’t we defend our future?

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