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What is child protection?

The term ‘child protection’ is used in different ways by different organizations in different situations.

In its simplest form, child protection addresses every child’s right not to be subjected to harm. It complements other rights that, inter alia, ensure that children receive that which they need in order to survive, develop and thrive. Child protection covers a wide range of important, diverse and urgent issues. Many, such as child prostitution, are very closely linked to economic factors. Others, such as violence in the home or in schools, may relate more closely to poverty, social values, norms and traditions.

Often criminality is involved, for example, with regard to child trafficking. Even technological advance has its protection aspects, as has been seen with the growth in child pornography. This will look more closely at what protection means and what general response is required to respect the protection rights of children. Part 2 will look specifically at the role of parliamentarians in ensuring that all children are protected. Part 3 will address a selection of the numerous issues concerning those who work to protect children.

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