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There is unanimous consensus to consider climate change as the main social and environmental problem that humanity has faced and will face even. One of the most viable solutions to face the consequences of climate change, is the environmental education. Taking social and environmental awareness is not easy, especially in developing countries, where there are many important needs in the population. However, it is essential to plant that seed of hope to make big changes.

To combat climate change in Venezuela, needs to increase technical capacity and institutional strengthening of institutional relations for the integrated management of programs based on climate change, technology transfer more energy efficient, access to knowledge of climate simulation and construction of scenarios, as well as, integrated risk management, vulnerability and adaptation in environmental and social systems of the country.

In Venezuela, the lack of environmental information, especially in climate change, can be sometimes critical. For this purpose, I think to implement an environmental education program oriented at most important issue today, as climate change, and could become an effective solution to environmental and citizenship awareness.

In this case, today, September 20, 2011, I was made a workshop about climate change in the “Universidad Yacambú” addressed to the universitary students to train them in environmental formation (awareness and technical knowledge).

Remember!!! The indifference born of ignorance - Ovidio.

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