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We do not accept the term 'queer' anymore, while referring to homosexuals. With welcome changes all over the world, gays and lesbians are treated as normal people, (which they are) and are given equal rights. Theirs is no disease and needs no cure. But moving on to a different perspective, do we have to force them to come out of the closet? Apart from privacy issues that are involved, homosexuals still find themselves being treated differently or badly when they do reveal their sexual orientation to the world.

One of the most popular debates of recent times has been whether one should force celebrities to come out of the closet, in the hope of promoting gay rights and making gayness seem normal to people who otherwise hold conservative views. Huge uproar was created when a journalist revealed that Malcolm Forbes was gay, days after his death. Forbes may not have revealed this information himself for several reasons but did the journalist have the right to do so?

Will people come to accept gays and lesbians as part of their society bacause a few celebrities they admire are homosexual? Or would it have no effect on their opinions whatsoever? And is it right on our part to force them or even non-celebrities to reveal their sexual orientation even if they do not want to?

I think we have no right to force anybody, celebrity or otherwise to do something they are not willing to do. What we could do is to show them that it is okay to be homosexual and that they should not be afraid to reveal the truth out of fear of losing respect in any sense. We need to make them understand that it is important to promote gay rights and stand for them. There is always a possibility that the world would start changing its views, if they take this first step.

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