Communication devices for autists are NOT allowed?!

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Now I'm going to tell you a story of Carly Fleischmann, a cheerful girl from Canada. She is now 17 years old, but she still never stops to surprise us by her curiosity and concern of the world problems. Unfortunately, she can't speak any word with her mouth! However, that does not mean that she has no thoughts at all! Do you know the fact that at the age of 11 she learned to type on her laptop. Since that time, she managed to write a book "Carly's Story" in cooperation with her father, where she tells us what it means to be an autist, how it is all like and how she everyday tries to adapt into society. To feel better. To make changes for the better.

And a problem has happened to her recently. During her American Airlines flight she wasn't allowed to have an iPad on her lap. They thought this device would interfere with flight controls. But, however Carly was trying to explain that she has autism and it is an important communication device, her attempts were blurred by a fight between a stewardess and her Dad.

Carly is always trying to improve the world around her. She even wrote a complaint on the airline's website, but there were no comments. After that matter she found out on Air Canada website that communication devices are allowed, even during takeoff and landing! That was a surprise for her!

I got to know about that due to my recent Facebook sign-up. Lots of her fans wrote supportive comments on Facebook, but nothing helps! Maybe we can support Carly and transform the stereotypical attitude to autists. Remember: they are not DUMB or STUPID. They are like normal people, but with little differences. And we should treat them all with respect.

Please HELP them to be NORMAL people!

I am going to help them by inventing special devices, study programmes or just opening a special school or a psychological council. However difficult it may be, I will thrive and desperately create an environment that they deserve. And it is all because I used to have autism. I have all the necessary experience to make autists a significant part of our planet, equal to each one of us. But now I'm free of it!!! With the help of this, I write this article to inspire the young generation to care about people. First of all.

I understand that it is tough for you to realize the problem. Don't be afraid. Just read Carly's book.

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