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Our generation is extremely fast paced with eye-opening advances in the fields of technology, medicine, industry and more of today. It's safe to say that society will be completely changed in the next decade due to the infinite innovations providing support to our ways of life. But there must be a standard foundation of being in-the-know, as one should recognize what is around them to be capable of creating something that will help the world later on. A conversation was held with my friends and the issue of Greece's failing economy was brought up among us. I was baffled to find that some of my 11th grade classmates had no idea of what was occurring as if I were speaking a different language. This is a frequent problem that I have uncovered and there must be change. Though some issued may be a little complex to fully understand, it is highly crucial for one to be at least aware of the situation. It's as simple as watching your local news or reading a newspaper. Yes, national television may broadcast news that may be saddening or unpleasing, but how is anyone supposed to make a difference on this planet if we aren't aware of the global status? It's time to start reading those articles and asking questions, because if not, then our society may not be as globally aware as we should be.

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