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Unprotected sex, ‘shuga mamas’ and pushy bosses… have a read of the Shuga Radio Episode 6 review

Source: http://mtvshuga.com/2012/08/shuga-radio-episode-6-...

Unprotected sex, ‘shuga mamas’ and pushy bosses… have a read of the Shuga Radio Episode 6 review

Source: http://mtvshuga.com/2012/08/shuga-radio-episode-6-reviewed/

That must have been the toughest decision Sofia had to make thus far as her childhood sweetheart, Fally, convinced her to take their relationship to the next level and make it ‘special’.

‘I’ve been a good boy and I’m sure you’ve been a good girl too!’ Fally seductively told Sofia as they finally got time alone having sent her cousin Amina to the market. Fally didn’t want to waste the opportunity as they finally had some time to themselves. Sofia had initially insisted that they use a condom, just like their counselor had told them but Fally sought to wipe away all her worries and fears by reassuring her and Sofia gave in.

Meanwhile Amina got lost going to the market as she was sent by her cousin. With no idea of where to go in this big city of Kisumu and no one to call for directions, she ended up in a fish restaurant with a woman who was kind enough to help her.

‘Think girl, there must be someone you know or can get in touch with,’ the woman urged her. Amina remembered that she had the number of Karis, the boda boda operator and that he knew where she lived. The woman clearly knew the type of reputation Karis had earned, even calling him a wolf and told the young girl to be careful as she headed back with the ‘smooth operator’.

When Sofia reported to work, she was told not to interrupt her boss because he was ‘busy’ with another girl. The receptionist looked down on her because she didn’t want to oblige the hotel manager in order to get the nice things these other girls got. Sofia flatly declared that she did want to offer sex for money and that’s just the way it was.

Her boss was however determined to have her in his clutches as he told her she would be needed late that evening to ‘clean his office’. Sofia was stubborn and insisted that she would do it the following morning but as her manager would hear none of that, she ran away.

Meanwhile, Karis meets a more mature lady, Riziki who’s having some car trouble by the side of the road. He offers to help her and as usual charms the socks of the lady. He makes a call to his friend telling him of how he’s finally ‘hit the jackpot’ which could change his life.

So this week we’re asking a hard hitting question: Sofia and Fally have sex without a condom. Why is it so hard for Sofia to insist on using a condom with Fally?

Have a listen to the episode here and take our great poll! [http://mtvshuga.com/2012/08/shuga-radio-episode-6-reviewed/]

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