Does a university degree really matter?

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Today, every high school student plans to enter a local university or college and later pursue their studies overseas in order to get a diploma. In many cases, they want this diploma simply to be viewed as higher educated people.

Deciding whether or not to go to university is one of the most important decisions of our lives and one that will definitely shape our career. There will be many things to consider such as what to study, moving away from home, leaving friends and family, making new friends in a different environment and what we hope to achieve in the future. The diploma will recognize our hard work. Nevertheless, a more helpful way of considering whether or not to attend university, is to think about the pros and cons of going through the degree process just to get a diploma. Today, many employers are rewarding people who have very specific, advanced skills and own a diploma.

Most of us are told to go to university by our parents and some are even forced as their parents want them to have a better future. But it should be the child's decision. Parents often believe that university graduates who earn a diploma seem to get better job opportunities than the ones who don't have a university diploma. They think that a diploma will not only increase their chances of finding a job but it will also lead them towards the career of their choice.

In today’s competitive job market, employers want to know how dedicated and self-motivated their future employees are. Furthermore, employers also want to know that their employees have a well-rounded basic education. The advantages of a university degree will be proven when their resume is chosen over those who did not make the commitment to complete their education. Therefore, a university diploma is the perfect way to demonstrate their capabilities.

In conclusion, having a university degree could help an individual to succeed in today’s highly competitive world. Besides that, pursuing a university degree will broaden their horizons and improve their outlook on the world in general and their respective community in particular.

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