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We have always been so used to stray dogs and waifs in India that we have come to ignore them for centuries now. They have become creatures we don’t take notice of, creatures we even detest, because of their appearance, eating habits…you name it. Little do we realise that we are one of the few nations in the world who have let the situation remain so. We don’t confront stray animals in a Western country (save for a few notorious cats) attributed to the fact that the people there have taken the pains to find them homes and shelters.

Whereas in India, all we talk about is getting rid of the ‘dog menace’. Day after day, people write to magazines and newspapers, expressing their ‘grievances’. Little children torn up and eaten by dogs are a sad sight no doubt, but not once do we look for the actual reasons for this plight. Rather than teaching our younger generation to hate them and throw stones at them, we should probably lead by example by being civil to dogs. Rather than just thinking of our gains all the time, we should look at preventing meat shops from emerging in the middle of cities. Better garbage system couldn’t harm us either. We are completely at fault! But we don’t care enough to accept it.

For generations, dogs have been man’s best friends. When trained and cared for, they are the gentlest of beings. Instead of paying a fortune for foreign breeds of dogs, we could look at adopting our own breeds (after all dog lovers should love all kinds of dogs! Or do they like dogs only if they look expensive and appealing?) Self-centred and hot headed we are, as humans, but it is time we adopt the policy ‘live and let live’. How many of us actually know that not all dogs that are taken away by the BBMP (Bangalore municipality, or any other) are left at dog pounds? Surely we don’t have as many to occupy them all. They are put to rest by the most brutal means (not worthy of discussion), something they definitely do not deserve.

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