Drug Raids For South African Schools

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Over the past few months, South Africa has seen many schools get searched for both drugs and weapons. The unsuspecting youngsters were found with various weapons and over 18 cases of Dagga (Marihuana) in one school.

Many claimed that the weapons were for defense, and that may themselves had been targeted for crime. Others found with drugs were taken to their local prison and later released on custody to their parents.

In total 18 children where arrested. In other schools, cases for drug abuse were found with those youngsters too, preceding to be taken to prison.

This positive enforcement seems to be bringing awareness to the drug issues prevalent in many schools internationally. Hopefully with more enforcement, children will start to understand the life threatening consequences of drug abuse.

National statistics this year alone, saw that an approximate of 14 Million Americans are drug users, with a further uncharted statistics for countries where the total amounts are estimated to be one in every five children. With this vicious endemic spreading, you only wonder what is being done by the governments to combat this problem. In fact, compared to the size of the epidemic it seems very little is happening at all.

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