Drugs in Sports?

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http://a4.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=%2Fi%2Fheadshots%2Fmlb%2Fplayers%2Ffull%2F28721.png Stark: Braun's successful appeal clears nobody

Yesterday the National Leagues MVP, Ryan Braun overturned his 50-game PED suspension originally given to him for testing positive on his drug test. Since day one Braun says that he didn’t use PED's and the reason for his results was another method he has been practicing which is legal and allowed in the Major leagues. Being of fan of his I believe his statements and I think he has found a fare way to get around not using PED's and still enhancing his body and performance. Its controversial because he is the first player to ever overturn a drug related suspension in the Major League. I'm just curious on other peoples opinion on how you think this overturned suspension may change other players perspective of getting enhanced physically and possibly hearing arguments that former players who tested positive for PED's may come out and possibly give similar arguments.

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