Ecopreneurship towards Greener Campuses in Africa


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Innovation is often said to be largely regarded as the product of research within the codified knowledge community in which knowledge dissemination is always the end point of its activities. Initiatives like finding a lasting solution to alternative energy source should be the first priority of every higher institution where creativity and innovations should be harnessed among our undergraduates, encouraging the innovative ones to embark on projects that improves on alternative energy sources like conversion of waste materials into alternative source of power as a substitute to our hydro electricity or fossil fuel generating plant on-campus as well as adopting the 3R’s reusable scheme i.e. “The reduce-reuse-recycle lifestyle” among students on-campus.

As an organization involved in social mobilization on climate change issues, Campus Verde Innovation Club has undertaken the task of identifying those features that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote Green living and Green Jobs among our youth in the university community.

When these policies and programs are implemented, it will play a vital role in improving ecological footprint, sustainable Ecopreneurship and environmental sustainability in our university community.

Nweze Chidozie

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