EDUCATION a way of Gradation ?

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We are indeed in the Twenty first century yet the thought of education is still lagging behind.The education system in INDIA makes it obligatory that the citizens of the country are running in the rat race to place their children's in the victory podium. The question arises in the minds of the youth is that it is necessary for such a victory which is worth not a holistic development of a child but a more materialistic development of a child .

The fear of career is so much into the youth of the country which leaves them with the thought to be successful in their lives. Ironically the fear is a liberty ride for the colleges and the schools to set a bench mark percentage and cut offs . The question generally strikes is that marks and grades really proves the best of a kid in a country , his/her capability to comprehend to prove theories to invent ?

The system here in INDIA is a total mishap of wrong conception and wrong ideologies about education in people which leads youngster's to wrong conclusion's to their career due to the obsessiveness in INDIAN'S about a particular number called 100, and where a student stands out of this 100.We can produce brain's in this country but for the brains to produce genius, which needs " EDUCATION " and not gradation out of 100's.

The country is developing the system's have developed but not the ideas , the ideologies ,and the beliefs in the people . Excellence with education is the key not just gradation with education.

Proud to be an INDIAN but not proud to be a " STUDENT " in INDIA .

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