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"Every three seconds a girl under the age of 18 is married off to a man normally twice her age," reported Reuters in August 2011. Being a teenager, I was utterly disgusted at the way these teenage girls are treated. They are the same age as me; yet they are already married. They have next to no chance of being educated, have a risk of being abused and developing HIV/AIDS from their husbands. They have no choice and no say in who they want to marry. It is up to their fathers, they do not marry for love but because they have little or no control over their lives. Poverty controls their life.

I can sit here and think "oh it will get better one day. I should stop worrying my head off about these girls. It is going to be alright". But it is up to us to tell the world what is happening. I live in a world obsessed with technology, looks and materialism. This makes it hard to raise awareness about these devastating issues. I feel as though nobody cares! We need to tell these girls that they are thought about and cared about. We need to show our sisters that they are loved because we chose to care and we want to care.

We can choose to do nothing OR we can get out there and try to save them from the life they have, give them an education and stop the abuse! They are the future and so are we. I say we get out there and make a difference to these girls!

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