Everyone has the right of honest elections!

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Well, in this article I would like to share my thoughts on politics. Elections are often an issue for everyone. People always ask themselves:" From which age should we have a right to vote?" . The answer for this question is not definite, because some children may discuss world problems at the age of 13, and another person cannot express their views at the age of 30! So, to my mind, everyone from the age of 16 should have their right to vote. Why 16? Because I think at this age teenagers can already make choices and be responsible not just for themselves, but for others too! They have already learnt a lot at school and on the Net. It may be shocking, I know, because my generation is more advanced than the previous. However, adults should make the best conditions for US to live!

I would also propose another idea to change. It is about how to make elections more honest with the help of modern technologies. For example, we can provide every bulletin with a special bar code with a candidate's name. While voting, we will put the bulletin in a special infrared scanner, which will also count voices! Or make special chips for voting, where all information is recorded! Voting cards provided by part could be also useful!

Finally, I would advise the youth to be bright and not to be shy to express their ideas, because everyone can make the world better. We just need more people!

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