Exploitation of Children in Mexico

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The 30th of April was Children's Day in Mexico and one more time it displayed the system of exploitation suffered by children around the world and Mexico. Statistics of our country show, that there are more than 3.5 million exploited children between 5 and 17 years in Mexico.

Some immediate causes of poverty are the deterioration of the family, lack of employment and greed. Many people in Mexico try to achieve benefits by exploiting minors. Thereby avoid paying fair wages, circumvent the Treasury, the IMSS, Infonavit and violating federal labour law.

The economic crisis has increased the recruitment of children into the labour market, mainly in the domestic and informal sector. This causes that children have minimal access to education with all its fatal consequences. Experts agree on this and international organizations like ILO and UNICEF.

According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), currently 218 million children working worldwide, and one in 12 are exposed to the worst forms of child labour, among which six: agriculture, soldiers, sexual networks, domestic service, mining and quarrying, and trafficking of children.

If this problem is pornography and child prostitution, trafficking in organs and the cam is made, especially in several African countries to involve them as soldiers in the tribal wars and the power of leaders and ambitious, we reached the fatal conclusion that our world is really rotten.

The exploitation of children is not new. The history of mankind has recorded repeatedly that all people, even the most cultured and civilized, have promoted the system of exploitation. Remember especially the numbers of exploited children in the coal mines of England and Ireland during the Industrial Revolution, the abuse and exploitation of indigenous children by the Spanish conquerors for 300 years viceroyalty, operating the mines and extracting silver and gold that was sent to the Spanish capital of the kingdom from Mexico and Peru. The indigenous children were also subsequently used to perform the hardest and most thankless tasks in rural areas in the mining and the emerging country's industrialization and landfills. Situation that continues to date.

The exploitation of children is an act similar to slavery, tolerated and supported by many companies in many countries. Both highly industrialized with a major economy, but also more notably, by the poor or so-called third world countries.

Economy and poverty continue to dominate in our fields and our cities, as long as this is the case, child labor will not disappear.

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