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A class is not the only place that we could learn and not the only place that provide us with an education. We could gain knowledge everywhere, it's in the air.

Everyday we will learn something even we don't have any intention to learn. And sometimes, we don't need teachers to teach us we could just learn from ourselves. It's said ; experience is the best teacher. Parents, friends and simple things in life could give us some lessons that we could learn from it.

However, the formal education probably will be held in the class where students are being provided by facilities that ease them to learn in a good condition and it provides us the study atmosphere. Each of us has the right to get that kind of education because everyone should be given a fair opportunity regardless of everything else.

From my personal opinion, it doesn't matter if we couldn't get a perfect education like how the wealthy students got. But the important thing is that we ourselves are really determined to learn, to discover, to educate and to contribute something good to ourselves, family, and country. When we have that determination, we could see opportunity lies in every difficulty.

There is no border for success!

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