Gonzalo Rojas, Cervantes Prize-Winner, Dies at 93


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Today the world lost one of it's most beautiful voices. Gonzalo Rojas passed away today at the age of 93. Mr. Rojas spent his entire life dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, spreading his beautiful works of poetry to everyone open and ready to listen (he was translated into more than 10 languages).

Mr. Rojas was a significant and prominent figure of the intellectual world in Chile, publishing such famous bodies of work as "The Misery of Man" in 1948, "Against Death" (1964), "Dark" (1977), "Transtierro" (1979), "On Lightning" (1981) and "From the Water" (2007).

Few others within Chile fought against injustices towards human rights in the same way that Mr. Rojas did, especially during his years of exile from 1973-1990. Read more at Wikipedia.

He spoke out against the atrocities happening in Chile when few others would, forcing a global audience to take notice. His courage and dedication to the rights of mankind will not be forgotten. And although the world has lost one of its finest authors, his words will live on, spreading empowerment to all those who read his works in whatever language that might be.

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