Greenland Starting to Melt


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In recent years some of the ice in Greenland has started to melt. Although Global Warming is a big part of this it isn't the only contributor. The main cause has to do with the fact that some ice has been turning black. The ice turning black is the cause of a substance called cryoconite. Cryoconite is made up of airborne sediment mixed with soot. The soot is what makes the cryoconite black. The black ice decreases the ability of the ice to reflect the suns heat off of itself, and makes the ice absorb the heat instead. As the ice melts the trapped cryoconite spreads causing more melting. Increased fires, diesel engines, and coal fired plants have all contributed to the increase in soot and the consequential darkening cryoconite. Eventually if the melting continues it could cause unanticipated rising of the ocean.

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