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Somehow the ideal of universal health care still eludes us in the USA. Somehow it goes against our "values" as Americans and people who would benefit most from universal health care have been emotionally manipulated, benefiting pharmaceutical companies and lobbyists and those in power.

I was hospitalized for about a year with bipolar disorder type I, and the meds I received were underwritten by pharmaceutical companies---i.e. the doctors prescribed whatever was new and free. Consequently, I did not get better until I went to a private hospital for better care, on a partial scholarship. Nevertheless, without insurance my medical bills added up to 150,000 over 6 months.

I am a fairly average middle class American and I feel like this lack of access to healthcare was deplorable. It should not fall on companies to provide health care, as frequently jobs will grant only part time hours to avoid paying health care altogether. Or choose the cheapest possible plans to cut costs.

The USA may have the best medical care in the world but only to those who can afford it, and that number seems to be dropping every year.

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