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Hello to all, I'm a 19 years old medicine student from Peru and i want to express my serious concern about some very worrying things i've noted recently.

As everyone must know, our attitude, behaviour and moral depends principally on what we are taught when are children, until, of course we are told that it doesn't matter what we've seen or felt, we are the very architects of our lifes. Well, i have a little brother and i care that he learns that there is still love in this world and that he must believe in it, as all the people who create all those beautiful stories, fairytales, films which, even if they aren't throughly true, serve as fables and do teach something.

That's why indignation rose in me when I watched a few minutes of a TV show called "MAD" in Cartoon Network (a "children's" channel) and what i saw there was indescribable. To resume, it mocks on every good film you can imagine, and spread it with death and disappointment, like if you saw the three little pigs being actually eaten by the wolf (to say the less). And worst of all, this show was broadcasted at an hour were children are still awake! (

And so i remembered all that sadly famous "Southpark", "Simpsons" and "Futurama" shows that are cartoons, supposed to entertain children, to make laugh, to make people happy, and not to fill them with disappointment and wrong ideas about sex, death, etc.

All i ask, UNICEF is that you do what you promised you'd do, protect the health of children, the mental health of children, their hopes and dreams. Please do something about this, talk, write letters to these irresponsible people (from Cartoon Network at least) and stop this, you have the power to do that. PLEASE.

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