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It is widely accepted that educational establishments should prepare students for the job market as well as providing a general education. It is also generally accepted that present curricula do not adequately provide young professionals with the skills they need when they start on a career in ARD. Immediate changes are needed in the very short term as well as for the future.

YPARD aims to contribute to the agricultural curriculum reform discussion by identifying what competencies are required for the ‘new’ future young professional starting a career in ARD. This scenario tool will inform educational policy makers how they can make curricula more relevant and enable educational institutions produce young professionals with a more relevant set of skills and competencies that will enable them to contribute to sustainable and effective ARD.

This study intends to contribute to the debate on change in formal higher agricultural education. A questionnaire will be used to capture aspirations of young people, assess the degree to which their expectations of education are being met and which competencies would enable them to be more effective or obtain a desired role in their field. Employers will also be consulted on those competencies that they see as having increasing importance.

With the declining interest among young people to enter into ARD related subjects, it is important that future profiles, and ultimately careers, reflect the ideas and aspirations of the youth in order to generate and maintain their interest in this field. The added insight will help to place the competencies in a changing world with changing perceptions and priorities.

You can now support the process by responding to the questionnaire. When you complete the questionnaire, you will help to bring the voice of Young Professionals more into this discussion. So please give your input on how we prepare the future generation of professionals in ARD!

Don't waste a minute; complete the questionnaire here: (duration: around 15 min). Submit the questionnaire by Wednesday 26th October at the latest! Thank you in advance.

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