Impact of human rights

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Human rights being dynamic,inalienable and indivisible, are fundamental to the dignified existence of individuals.They are neither Utopian nor legal dicta to be concern to jurists and academics. They have a direct impact on the quality of life in society.Human rights ensure prosperity in society by having a satisfied and productive life.Social and economic rights take care of the weaker and less privileged sections of the society by providing them quality of opportunity in the matter of education, employment and mobility.Equality in enjoyment of public facilities and in access to public employment enables upward mobility to the down trodden, Economic opportunities and equality enables the citizens to strive hard and become more productive,which in turn adds to the over all prosperity of the society. Freedom of conscience and free profession ,practice and propagation of institutions and other rights help the religions minorities to live happily with the majority. Thus human rights help in promoting communal amity and enables peace and harmony to prevail in society.

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