In India, Killing of Unborn Girls Continues



If the early results of the 2011 national census are any indication, females in India are still being murdered while inside the womb, Alertnet reports.

The child sex ratio in the country is now 914 females per 1,000 males, said to be the lowest since Independence. This is also a significant decline from 10 years ago, when the ratio was 927 to 1,000.

The states of Haryana and Punjab have the lowest sex ratio in children aged 0-6, with 830 and 846 females respectively.

The government has banned prenatal sex determination tests since 1996 but, as the data shows, this hasn't been very effective in turning the tide against female foeticide. Proposed solutions range from stronger enforcement of laws to women empowerment.

After years and years of fighting for gender equality and women's rights, we still have to somehow convince people that females are important enough to be allowed to be born. We still have to contend with this problem: How do we keep unborn daughters alive?

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