In the Aftermath of Osama's Death



For three days the main focus of the media around the world has been the death of Osama bin Laden. Foreign Policy has a full section on their web-site devoted to experts’ opinions on this historical event. While President Obama plans an event at Ground Zero tomorrow that President Bush declined to attend, Pakistani officials are faced with accusations of failing to provide intelligence about Osama's location.

Although UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Osama's death a “watershed moment” in the fight against global terrorism, Navi Pillay, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights said he would like to know "the precise facts surrounding his killing". She added that "The United Nations has consistently emphasized that all counter-terrorism acts must respect international law." The Economist discusses questionable ethics of assassination here.

What do you think of Osama's death and its meaning for the war on terror?

Photo posted by user Sergeyevich

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