Individuals or Human Puppets?


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Individuality in basically non-existent to the human population. The only time in life where you were truly yourself was when you were around a year of age. You were an uncivilized child, more of an Non-manipulated variable. Your actions and thoughts weren't manipulated by people's biased opinions and outlooks, nor did you or were you expected to follow society's rules or felt the need to be socially accepted because of what you were taught was right.

As an infant you didn't follow logic and reason, You went by your gut feeling and intuition. What felt' "right" and what felt ''wrong''.. You learned from experience not because some one taught you what would happen if you did this or what would happen if you did that.

Everything that stresses the man out was created by man, even The feeling of guilt, How would you feel guilty about something if you were never taught what was right or wrong? No one can locate their true self because their mind-set has been so manipulated over the years they were present on this earth and able to comprehend.

Sometimes I imagine where would I be if my life wasn't so manipulated. People say you are who you are, but that's not true! You're a product of your environment, and a puppet of society.

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