Inspiring Hope for Somalia: If only Al-Shabab could Understand True Empowerment

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Natural drought combined with malevolent leadership by terrorist regime is currently resulting in a catastrophic famine, which has overtaken Somalia. With half a million children on the brink of starvation, and hundreds of thousands of people in search of aid, not having relief options should not an option! “Starving Somalis have walked more than 100 miles in blistering heat, many carrying dying children with distended bellies, to get to crowded refugee camps in Kenya.” Worse yet, more Somali people are unable to flee, due to restraint held by an Islamist group, Al-Shabab. Al- Shabab armies are blocking escape and refusing to let aid groups enter with food and supplies.

The Washington Post reported that Al- Shabab which is allied with al Qaida, has waged a perpetual war with peacekeepers and aid workers alike. The US is now looking into loosening restrictions against Al- Shabab so that they will accept humanitarian aid. Years of Al-Shabab violence and intimidation have prompted the United Nations and humanitarian agencies to close down their Somalia operations. Although these times may seem impossible, we must not give up our efforts to help the people of Somalia. We should be fighting just as hard to provide aid as they are fighting to survive. Visit to make a donation to Somalia!

Above all else, empowerment is created by giving back to others! It is about time that the US figure out a way to effectively communicate with Al-Shabab, the terrorist group who is literally causing tens of thousands of people to die of famine. How can we make these terrorist leaders understand that the most fulfilling life anyone can live is one that involves providing for those who are in need. It may be true that there are complex issues and ideologies involved, with these power struggles, however, the golden rule stands for everyone, give a little love and it will all come back to you!

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