Integration of entrepreneurship into educational curriculum will reduce the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria


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It is self evident that education is the key that unlocked the inner mind towards creativity. There are geniuses no doubt, but remember that a sage has defined genius as 99 per cent perspiration and one per cent inspiration. the developed world has long recognised the symbiotic relationship between the 'Gown' and 'Town', that's why a sizable portion of their GDP goes into research.

The bottom line is that if integration of entrepreneurship into our educational curriculum is properly planned and executed as a genuine collaboration between the Institutions and the Industries, the idea will not only help solve our unemployment problems, but equally assist in laying a solid foundation for the nation's industrial breakthrough.

Entrepreneurship study in Institution is beyond class work.if our institutions do not know how to do it,they should engage expert from outside. It's more of apprenticeship than course work.

This is a critical issue that higher institutions of learning in the developing world have to give thoughts. We will go nowhere until we learn to Do and not just to consume.

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