It gets better, soon

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I personally assumed that being gay in Indonesia is devastating, and I believe that the devastating conditions are also being dealt by my friends, who are in the Middle-Eastern and African countries. We have no one to represent our needs for at least recognition in our society. In here, most of the gay people just shut their mouth, and do nothing but hooking up, spreading STDs, and doing criminal actions. Most of the LGBT people in here don't really see the equality as a catastrophic problem that must be solved immediately. Young people who just found out about their sexual orientation keep losing themselves in the ocean of denial with no one to rescue them. Gay communities in social media has become the places for desperate people to show their sexual desires, and only few of them which still doing their positive roles, while the prejudice push the gay people in the corner and they need a place which they can express themselves. We have to overcome every single problem by ourselves.

But I can say that it gets better soon.

It gets better as soon as we unite and triumph. It gets better as soon as we start to believe that we are in the battlefield to strive for equality. It gets better as soon as we can give the people around us good explanation about homosexuality. And I believe that it gets better as soon as we struggle together to push down the homophobic activities, save many lives from the danger of bullying and suicide, and establish a multicultural society that welcomes people regardless of their sexual orientation.

So, let's unite, support each and contribute as much as you possibly can for the brighter future of LGBT people. Don't ever stop believing, because it gets better soon.

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