Ivy league mentality


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I believe education is acquiring and applying knowledge for daily living and sustenance and that’s what schools are meant to provide. Looking on to a tertiary level with certain universities now being tagged "Ivy league" with people attributing academic rigor and power to them. "Ivy league university" has now become a product that every student want to buy to the extent it goes on to employment screening where employers now give preference to applicants who are are graduates of those Ivy league universities without considering the skills or talents of the individuals thereby promoting such ideology making more and more students to be obsessed to the extent students hire expensive counselors to help them in packaging their applications to such universities. It really makes me wonder why we keep on creating unnecessary social statuses for ourselves. Students should try and not accept such idea of labeling."Ivy League” is just a name and it is nothing without the ideas and contribution of the students itself. If you come up with an idea or talent, you display it and let it be known and if it is of substantial value it will blossom. The so called "Ivy league" students crave for is in them and they take it everywhere they go as it’s not the institution you go to that matters but what knowledge you have acquired and how you have and plan to apply them.

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