Japan's Young People Affected by the Catastrophe. Fear of Nuclear Power is On the Rise.



The trouble at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan are still far from being resolved. Radioactive water pumping started today but it will be slow and difficult process.

The effects of the erathquake/tsunami/nuclear catastrophe will have a long lasting impact on children and young people in Japan. UNICEF is helping the children from affected areas to get back to school

Meanwhile Japanese government proposed a way to cope with the aftermath of the catastrophe: raising the sales tax. Looks like self-reliance is the best path of action in such a situation, a point proven by the fact that Ukraine failed to raise enough money at the Chernobyl donor conference meant to clean up after 1986 catastrophe.

At the same time nuclear power scare is on the rise across the globe. Afraid of nuclear power people are protesting construction of new plants in India.

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