Joe Paterno - Abuse and missed opportunities

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As I'm sure anybody living in the U.S. has heard by now, the much loved and praised Pennsylvania State football coach Joe Paterno has been fired. His assistant coach was found have sexually abused eight boys over the course of fifteen years, some of them being abused in the Penn State shower rooms. Paterno knew about this atrocity, and reported it to the school officials. When the school officials didn't take any actions on this though, Paterno didn't notify anybody else. He just carried on and pretended nothing had ever happened. This is appalling enough in itself, the fact that he knew defenseless little boys were getting their innocence taken away and didn't do anything about it.

But what bothers me more is how the media is covering it- their focus is completely on Joe Paterno and how sad everybody is that he is getting fired. I haven't heard anything about the poor children in this case. The media could have taken this scandal and turned it into a learning opportunity for the public. They could have talked about what might be wrong with our society when fifteen years of sexually abusive behavior towards children go unnoticed. I can't imagine how it would feel to be one of those children and see the attention of the public completely focused on Joe Paterno getting fired. My heart goes out to these kids, and I am glad they are finally getting some justice.

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