Kony 2012 Critics make Jason Russell Crack

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Whether through social networking or lunch chatter you’ve heard of Joseph Kony leader of the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army). You might have even heard about how he abducts children for the LRA and arms them to fight against their own people. People have just seem to not care. We’ll that all stopped with Jason Russel.

Jason had one dream, to stop Joseph Kony. He made giant leaps toward that. First, he started Invisible Children, A nonprofit organization made to help kids in Africa and bring awareness for Kony’s evils. Second, he started a event commonly known as Cover the Night. On April 20th, 3 million people have pledged to do three things. Wear Kony gear all day, do 3 hours of community work, and ‘Cover the Night’ with posters to bring awareness for Kony’s capture. Jason Russell had gotten all of this approved and was about to carry it out, but then came the critics.

We all hate them. All they do is sulk. Critics have been said some of the most ‘glass-half empty’ people in the world. And Jason Russell just couldn’t take all of that heat . Kony 2012 critics said, “That Kony can’t be stopped and all that good ol’ Jason Russell is doing is a complete waste of time and space”(Viasble Children website). They have even gone to criticizing the company of Invisible Children. They told the media that, Invisible Children, has kept eighty percent of all their makings and is barely helping all of those starving Kony victims back in Africa. And, Jason just couldn’t take it anymore.

After, all of the pressure, Jason Russell, sadly, went mentally insane. As CNN reports, Jason went naked out in the street and started mumbling right in public. The police took him into cusdody and the world is slowly waiting his recovery. What I’m saying in this post is recover quickly, Jason, and let us all support youby pledging to just do three things on April 20th for Cover the Night.

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