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Hi everyone,

I have been working as a trainee brand manager at a pharmaceutical company in India.

I have been assigned a brand of an emergency contraceptive pills. These are not regular everday pills. You take one pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

The television commercials for these pills went on air. And there was a debate about improper use of these pills by teenagers, and the ads were called-off by the government. At this point the ECPs cannot be advertised through television or print media.

Fair enough, the TV ads do not specify the possible side effects and or other vital details about this pill - and college students pop it as substitute to a condom or a protection. However, there is another dimension to this story.

An overwhelming proportion of induced abortions (6.7 million annually as per indirect estimate) take place in unauthorized centres, which provide abortion services of varying degrees of safety. More than 20,000 women die each year due to complications in abortions.

It is a woman's right to decide when she wants to be pregnant. Its her right to consider her physical, mental, social and financial health before deciding to take responsibility of a child.

And why do we not consider these potential 20,000 women who could have avoided serious complications or death?! Why don't we think about the problems of uneducated, rural Indian women who are not comfortable confronting a doctor about this....or worse, doesn't have a doctor in the near vicinity?

As a solution to this problem, US-FDA declared Plan B (the American ECP) an over-the-counter drug for everyone above 18. So, no teenager can misuse the pill for their ignorance.

However no such provisions exists in India, where it's needed the most as sex education is a hushed subject.

I wanted to know the opinion of many other women like me regarding this issue!

Kindly comment.

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