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Over the years it has become easier for LGBT to be accepted by society, even so, are rejected by more than 75% of it. There are people who believe this way of life is an aberration, but they do not understand, it's not about anyone, it's about how you feel about that person.

Why it is so hard for most people accept what is different? We must understand that if we were all the same and think the same way, the world would be a very boring place. Humanity tends to reject the unknown, in my opinion, that's the reason why they still do not accept homosexuality or bisexuality as lifestyles. It is not a matter of choice, it's just what you feel, whether you love a boy or a girl, love will be love, and that's what matters. Do not let the fear of the unknown snatches happiness of your hands. Fight for the love you feel, and even if that love is sincere. No matter what people say or what other people think, Love is a unique feeling that when you feel it, you must not let it escape.

If you are not LGBT, at least respect their feelings. They do not ask for special treatment, they only ask to be treated as people like to others; they just demand their rights, which as people have been granted, regardless of their condition. I'm straight, but I support the LGTB’s rigths.

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