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It is funny but at the same time weird. I used to think I had a nice flamboyant life ahead of me but maybe not. May be I have a life of humanitarian service ahead of me. I don’t want to be the rich pretty princess anymore. I want to hold a child covered with dirt and kiss him on the forehead and tell him I just want to make things alright and I’d always be there whenever he needs me. I want to tell him that I’d make his brother and sister feel and he can now afford to go to elementary school like the other kids. I want to tell him that he’d definitely be a doctor because he’s so awesome and God would take care of him and make him one. I want to tell him that he would come home to eat dinner and he would no longer sleep on bamboo. I want to tell him that he’d have a mosquito net and I’d make sure there is clean water.

And to the young abused mother, I want to let her know that it’ll be alright. And although she can’t afford it, I’d make sure her baby has the required vaccines and I’d try to find a cure to HIV/AIDS so her sister doesn’t die. I want to let her know that she’d always have a bed to lie on and she doesn’t have to sleep on the streets. I want her to know that she’d finish elementary school, high school and college and she could still be whatever she wanted to be. And her baby would be fine; he would not die or lack food because she’d be supported.

I want to tell the four year old boy whose mother and father were killed right before his eyes in Libya that I’d give him a home even though I can’t bring his parents back. I want him to know that I want him to have little brothers and sisters to play with and have a normal life. I want to make him forget his pain and teach him how to speak English and if possible French. I….

But I can’t do everything so I’d be a doctor and Public health worker and help those I can and hope someone finds a cure to AIDs and some makes a borehole….. We are the leaders of tomorrow. I am Nigerian and I don’t know if I’d ever return home but I’m sure I want to keep as many children as possible alive. Presently, 24000 children die everyday. I believe in zero and I'd work to reduce it, starting now. Do you?

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