More Aid or Better Organized and Targeted Aid?



The latest World Bank report on conflict, security, and development sparkled a whole discussion in mass media on how aid should be administered in vulnerable and conflict-prone countries.

BBC points out another conclusion by World Bank, that aid should focus more "on building stable government, and on justice and police, than on health and education." If this won't happen in the nearest future, targets on poverty, health and education will also stay put of reach.

AlertNet, citing the report, empasizes that longer project life cycles are vital: "It can take between 15 and 30 years for countries to make the transition from a "fragile" state to one in which institutions perform adequately."

One of the main reasons for the failure is the fact that the nature of conflicts has shifted: “Twenty-first century violence does not fit the 20th century mold,”the report states.

Christian Science Monitor, looks at the brighter side, quoting the successful strategies celebrated in the report - in Chile and East Timor political frameworks were built up after a switch to democracy.

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