Mumbai+20: Youth in India Hold a Model UN Conference on Sustainable Development


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We believe that reality is first shaped through shared visions and conversations. An ideal world has to be dreamt first, and then created. And the dreamers of this world have to be youth – for they have the time, energy and the stakes in playing a central role in our planet’s future.

Mumbai+20 has added the idea of ‘peace’ strongly into the global sustainability discussion. While it will take time to trickle up, it’s our contribution to the larger system.

We also believe in taking actions beyond conversation – and hence, action projects. This takes the conference beyond ‘talk therapy’ to actually demonstrating our commitment to doing something concrete and tangible.

Finally, the declaration – the tone of which is not only that of making demands and expressing our wishes but also of commitments that we are willing to make. Over the coming year, many of these commitments will translate into projects.

The feeling of being a part of a global family, of empathizing with a nation you hadn’t even heard of earlier and of realizing the complexity of solving the sustainability issue – we believe that these few distinctions have the power to transform the way each participant of Mumbai+20 looks at the world for the rest of their lives. And it joins us in the journey of moving from the ‘model’ to making it real…Together!

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