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Sometimes when I think of my dear and beloved Africa, I'm heart broken, I'm hit by frustrations and anger get the best out of me. I remember all the names of those dictators who pretend to be democratically elected presidents that I was taught at school (including that of my country!) And I want the world to know or remember...

Idi Amin Dada: He ruled Uganda in the 70s with his madness, deciding its economic policy according to, he said, what God told him in a dream.

Museveni, 25 years since he came to power in Uganda. Opponents? Massacred. His politics? A dictatorship. Elections there are but it's a travesty when there are no opponents and when the chief of state in power can be reelected an endless number of times.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, more than 23 years in power in Tunisia. Leila Ben Ali, the president's wife, made sure to collect her gold before she fled with one and a half tons of gold worth more than $35 million. Ousted? Yes. Finally! But let's not get too excited too soon, we have yet to see what's next in Tunisia.

Charles Taylor, finally standing for trial! After having reigned in Liberia with a crazy and bloody fist, today, Liberia experiences moments of reason with President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Muammar Gaddafi, the Insane. Leader of the Revolution. He has been in power in Libya since 1970! 1970! For him too, it's time to leave. Not worth mentioning his army of female bodyguards and his constant nonsense, I think that in light of current events, they are quite known.

Gnassingbe, father, son and what after? Granddaughter as well? This family has literally raped Togo and continues to do so. They say about the father, big megalomaniac, that he had over a thousand women dancing and singing for him in the name his glory and eternal life. Fortunately, 2005, death came knocking at her door ... but his son takes the reins of Togo with an iron grip stained with the blood of his people.

Dadis Camara, he accessed power through a coup in Guinee saying "“We are patriots, not hungry for power. We don’t intend to stay in power forever”. Not hungry for power??!!? Yea right!! No need for me to waste my time enumerating his massive anger management problems and his huge complex of inferiority towards almost everybody, I suggest you Youtube his name- trust me, you will enjoy the show!

Omar Bongo, the friend of France! In power in Gabon since 1967! I remember at his death in 2009, Bernard Kouchner and Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of having lost "a friend". What a bunch of hypocrites! Gabon has also bled at the hands of the French and its murderous and self-interested policies in Africa! Today his son is ruling the country! What a change ... right?!

Omar Al Bashir: and voila, the first person to be under an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court but continues to quietly lead his country ... to death, famine, war and poverty.

Teodoro Nguema Obian: the corrupt to the bone (like the other ones too of course!) But still manages to be invited at the UN and deliver speeches!! Equatorial Guinea. Rich in oil but one of the poorest countries of the planet. The big joke was when Unesco had joined him for an award for "research in life sciences." Three million euros that will not go for the people. Besides, no later than a few days ago, Teodoro Obian, son, Minister of Agriculture of his beloved country led by his beloved daddy, was found spending most of his time in California, at his mansion in Malibu worth $ 35 million, convoy of luxury cars and private jet. His latest craze? Ordering the construction of the yacht that will be the 2nd most expensive yacht in the world, estimated at $ 380 million. Nothing more. And guess what? He has not paid for it with his minister salary but with public money. His father has more than 700 million dollars just in the U.S. bank accounts, according to Forbes magazine.

Jean-Bedel Bokassa: I can think of thousands of nicknames but I must say that the "Canibal" is the one that suits him best! After a coup against his own COUSIN, he -proclaimed himself Emperor (nothing less!) of the Central African Republic. VGE, former French minister, was eager to accept the jewelry that he had offered him worth millions of dollars. Again, France oh sweet and dear France: how can you continue raping Africa by working with its worst dictators, and you think no one is taking notes?!

Robert Mugabe, the friend-enemy. Liberator of Zimbabwe, it took me a long time to detach myself from my history books and his heroic and prosperous era and acknowledging what he has become. Today he is nothing less but a despot pursuing a policy of hatred. Prime Minister in 1980 and president since 1987, now he lets his people starve! Not less than 80% live below the poverty line!

Felix Houphouet-Boigny from 1960 to 1993. Only death has managed to put an end to his reign destroying Cote d'Ivoire, a country that has experienced a series of despots with the highly controversial Laurent Gbagbo.

Denis Sassou Nguesso in power in the Republic of Congo since 1997 following a violent coup. He is one of the richest African leaders. Very discrete on the international scene, he rules his country with violence and terror. Guess who is the last Western leader kissing the cheeks of an African dictator? Yes, you said it: President Obama, posing on the picture of this article with the despot and his wife. Way to go America!

Mobutu Sese Seko Ngbendu Wa Za Banga Nkuku - I keep the "best" for last. Dear Mobutu worst manager of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Your supporters still claim that everything was better in your 32 years of dictatorship, I guess the brainwash machine you had in place for 32 years with your songs that you had broadcast on TV and radio 24/7 take time before disappearing. The only respectable politician in DRC was Patrice Lumumba and maybe this post should have been about him, only.

These men never loved their people, let alone Africa.

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