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In my opion,UNICEF is the most helpful and useful organization for children. I have written an article to the General-Secretary about children all around the world. We must tell people to protect and love the children. Because they need love. It will also give them hope from now on. I hope it can take more care to China.

The west of China is a very poor place. Children here are not able to study and live. I have been there this August and what I saw moved me deeply. You can't imagine how terrible it is. The west of China shoule be given more help to develop its economy,education, environment,and so on.

Dear friends,how are you feeling when you see many eyes are full of tears? Dear friends,how will you do when you see they can't go to school forever? Dear friends, there are many people in our earth family that need our help. No matter which age, gender or religion.

Hand in hand, arm in arm. I believe that we are the world. We must heal the world from now on. If everyone change himself day by day,the world will become wonderful and our children will be happy more than before.

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