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In my second article I wrote about the ways to help those, who are in need! Now I'd like to introduce you one simple way to donate: no one uses it, but I eagerly want my idea to move further in the world. And here is how it works.

I hope you all know about App Store gift cards. They all have a limited nominal, e.g. 20 euros, 50, 100. However, App Store is such a shop where we cannot spend all the given resources to the last cent! My idea is to automatically donate the money to children, if there is less than 79 cents left on the cards (if there is less than 79 cents on the card, you cannot buy anything, except some apps on a big sale). Remember: they are bought by millions on Earth! By this we can save lots of lives!!!

Or, maybe we should integrate the donate function into every App Store account. No matter, whether it is for a credit or a gift card. With the help of this everyone can make their little (but serious!) contribution to our humanity.

By the way, now another spot came across. I remember myself playing an online game. I cannot recall its name. The objective is to collect rice. The more rice, the more food to hungry African children! If I am not mistaken, this was developed by UNICEF. AND that was GREAT!

Waiting for further more ideas to pop into my head.

What do you think?

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