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EPISODES OF PEACE is a TV Drama I designed to campaign against violence and terrorism in the world. NO MORE WAR is the first Episode .The conception of this series is to use Drama, to inform the citizens on the dangers of violence and terrorism in the lives and economy of the World.

With strong team friends from different youth forums like UNICEF Voices of Youths, I picked research materials on the best way to tackle this social unrest in the world.

Basing my stories in different regions and tribes of Africa, using peculiar stories and scripting it into fictions, I now have a complete season screenplay of EPISODES OF PEACE.


• Problem Solving:

With the present social challenges facing the world, like Tribal Killings, Religious Wars, Terrorism, Violence, Cultism etc, EPISODES OF PEACE will gradually channel the minds of the citizens on the rightful ways to present their feelings instead of using war and violence.

This drama will first of all identify a certain social challenge, describe the offences payable by law to those who commits such acts and will as well suggest to them the appropriate way of handling their cases as an individual or group of people with common interest.

• Public Interest:

I had to consider the audience first before considering my story lines. EPISODES OF PEACE is the first TV series that is meant for every age and gender. I took care of the sensitiveness of different categories of citizens like children, aged adults, and even hospital patients. I present my drama in such a way that it does not have any negative implication in the minds of my audience. I tried to create it as entertainment and message and everybody will with no doubt, like to watch it.

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